(Local videos Produced by SIFMA NOW organizer, Bill Fried)

“What’s Stopping Us?”

“Old Addictions, New Hope”

“A front line doctor lays out the case for supervised injection facilities”

“I’m the guy finding the needles!”

“Cops, docs, and drug users on a remarkable panel about safe injection sites for Boston”

“Hear from a State Representative about the urgency of creating safe injection facilities”

“An AIDS activist speaks out about SIFs”

“A top Boston University Addiction Specialist on SIFs”

“A detailed proof of the effectiveness of supervised injection facilities”

“LEAP visits a Supervised Injection Site”
(Produced by Bill Fried for Law Enforcement Action Partnership)

“The Portuguese Drug Czar “meets” an American Narcotics Officer”

A Place Where You Don’t Have to Die’

“What Happens When Drug Users are not Seen as Criminals?”

“Portugal Figures out Difference Between Drug Use and Drug Abuse”

“New York Times video”

“Anywhere but safe: Public Injecting in New York” (documentary by Matt Curtis)

“A Safe Injection Site saves lives and controls HIV”